Roller Skates in 1952 Italy and Earlier…


Roller skates 1952 Italy video:

Roller skates in 1950 Italy. Watch at 0:50 seconds in:

Roller skates in 1942. Watch at 1:20:

1937 Italy skating:

1935 Italian skating:


Hawaii Public Radio Interview

Benjamin Sota was a wonderful guest on Hawaii Public Radio! He talks about our UH production of La Strada.

You can play the file on your computer as well as download the mp3 file if you want to add it to your audio library.

Here’s the link:

Ben was our fourth guest and his segment starts about 47-minutes in the file.


Rituals for the Sick


Rituals practiced after the war if you were sick and needed to be cured in Italy(Information based on interview with Olga Caruso and Antonino Calvo–February 9, 2013):

-Death: If you wanted to check if someone was dead you would put a mirror under their mouth to see if it would fog up. Many times people were incorrectly thought dead—the families wouldn’t shut the coffins tight in case you needed to get out. Many were thought dead but later woke up. Perhaps Matto isn’t really killed? Just misdiagnosed? Just a thought.
-Cough: If you had a cough you would be brought to smell cow manure as it was said to alleviate your cough.
-Malocchio: If you had a headache caused by malocchio you would have a cup placed on your head. A cloth would cover the cup while those around you prayed to make the pain go away. You could measure how bad the malocchio was by using your palm to measure the distance from your wrist to your shoulder.
-Headache: You would attach sliced potatoes to your head with a rag hoping that the pain would leave.
-Bruise: Raw meat placed on the area, especially in the case of a black eye.
-Broken arm: Smear egg whites all over your broken arm. Or you could have your arm wrapped in cactus.
-Toothache: Rinse your mouth with cow urine.
-Deep cut: Sugar placed on the cut.
-If you had an earache you would make a paper cone, place it in your ear, and then light one end of the cone–catching it on fire.